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    Sales Order Specialist

    Responsible for managing the quote process for accuracy and completeness. This function, as well as overseeing all the business processes relating to quote to o...

    Marketing Jobs - Creve Coeur, MO
    27 Feb

    sales and marketing manager

    MICHELLE B. FLAHERTY- JOHNSON 1657 Wishwood Court Chesterfield , Mo. 63017 (314) 335-9609 OBJECTIVE To obtain a sales position wit...

    Marketing Jobs - Chesterfield, MO
    20 May

    Atmospheric Water Generator, that generates water directly from the air –

    As you are probably aware there is a global problem with regards to safe, pure, drinking water. Thousands of people die every day because they don't have access...

    Marketing Jobs - Joplin, MO
    31 Mar